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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine

I had a chance to read the latest Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine (and what a mouthful of a title that is) last night. The two stories included in this issue weren't the greatest, but they were still fun. The Fantastic Four get taken on a joy ride by Lockjaw of the Eternals and Spider-Man gets tailed by Scorpion. (Like the pun? I made it up all by myself.)

These are light adventures, with no real sense of danger for either the FF or Spidey, but they're fun little amusements. Manuel Garcia's art for the FF is amazing, and it's sad that the Marvel Adventures line has been so ghetto-ized, because his talent is worthy of greater recognition (although, for some reason, the uniforms of the FF are much closer to the Ultimate FF or the movies than the current "official" look for the team)

The "Adventures" lines for both Marvel and DC are a sore spot for me. Ever since Batman Adventures first arrived in the early 90s as a companion to the Batman animated show, some of the most solid, entertaining and accurate portrayals of the iconic heroes have been through these imprints. However, because they're "kiddie" titles, nobody over the age of 10 seems to pay attention to them. Hopefully these titles are getting better distribution through the more "family friendly" venues of convenience stores, drugstores and the like.


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