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Sunday, November 13, 2005

LCT Blues

This past Sunday, I attended a meeting of the LCT Directors. That's capitalized because it wasn't just the directors of certain scenes or songs, but people like Rick Barlow and Randy Kettering, directors of paticular ministries within LCT.

Let's step back. Way back in September, I had Lisa reserve the sanctuary for my rehearsals from 1PM - 7PM most every Sunday because of the number of songs we're doing this year and the limited number of Sundays we have with which to do them. Those days were reserved, they were mine.

Now, I find out two weeks ago that Randy, having not reserved the room at all, told the choir and orchestra that they would be rehearsing there for two hours this week and next, 3-5PM. Obviously, we can't both be in there, and before the meeting, if you had asked me I would have told you that there was no way that he was going to take my slots.

When that time came, however, I changed my mind. I could rationalize it and say that I remembered that the cast aren't the only ones who need to rehearse, and Randy's team doesn't deserve to suffer for his error, or that I simply felt the need to share with everyone for the best. But the fact of the matter was I chickened out. WHen push came to shove, I folded like a house of cards in the face of the Director of Music and Media Ministries.

And last night we got the first of the backlash, as someone kept Carrie on the phone complaining for ten minutes about the changes and how they are being affected by them.

Now, while I do believe the things above, about the need to make a compromise so everyone can get their time in the sanctuary, I am not looking forward to today, where I'm afraid Carrie and I will be accosted by everyone who's being put out by these changes. I'm more concerned about Carrie than myself, because women naturally tend to drift to her, and they will complain more about the changes. Guys come to me, and they generally just want clarification, not the need to vent. Women complain and whine, and Carrie doesn't handle stuff like that well. So, I'm going to ask Carrie to defer all questions she gets to me, and hopefully they'll accept the answers I give them.


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