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Friday, November 11, 2005

Yay for Days Off!

I have today off. And by "off" I mean I only have two appointments, a meeting and a handful of chores to do before it gets dark tonight.

1. Vist with the urologist up at Grady Memorial Hospital, to figure out why I'm bleeding, and what it may mean.

2. Meeting with Stacy Householder and Liz Gates about costuming for Jesus during LCT.

3. Appointment with Dr. Blank to have my teeth cleaned

4. Fix the lawn tractor's tire so we can use it tomorrow (this one, out of all of them, I am looking the least forward to because it's cold out there today and this will take longer than I think it will).

The upside is that Carrie is spending time with the girls tonight, so I will, eventually, have some time to myself this afternoon and evening, where I can either write a little bit, or read if I want to. I'm also thinking about heading down to the bargain theatre sometime today and checking out The 40 Year Old Virgin or Serenity. Perhaps both.


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