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Monday, November 07, 2005

Super Un-size Me

Dr. Gnade said I had to lose weight. He didn't specify how much, just 'a lot.'

Carrie wants to put me on a diet. This one may work out a little better than the others have because I have to do it for myself, not just to make her happy (not that making her happy isn't of a primary importance to me... ).

So, over the past week I've been thinking about diets and dieting and proper exercise, and I've come up with a couple ideas that may be able to help.

First things first, cut out fast food junk altogether. That means if I have to eat at McDonald's or Burger King or Wendy's, avoid the burgers and fries at all costs. They now offer plenty of salads or other alternatives. So I can go to places like Subway or Quiznos or even Taco Bell as long as I don't get soft drinks. They are right out.

If/when I do find myself staring at a value meal, make sure it's the smallest one there. That means no 'Biggie', 'Super' or 'King' size meals. Small size, hello and thank you very much. Petite size. Wee size.

And here's an idea--starting tomorrow, take the stairs. I work on the seventh floor. I'm only 35. I SHOULD be able to make that trip once or twice a day without much effort. Since I haven't been to the gym in months (which is the next step), this will do in a pinch--just walk the seven flights instead of hitting the elevator.

And, of course, when I get home tonight, I'll pack my workout clothes up and hit the gym tomorrow. Just to get on the treadmill for a half-hour and sit in the sauna for an extra fifteen minutes should do wonders for me.

The problem there is getting to bed ON TIME. I have enough trouble getting to sleep as it is, especially if I snack late in the evening. I had that problem last night. Carrie went to bed at 9, and I had some potato chips. And then I had a bowl of ice cream. Then, with all that salt and sugar coarsing through my syste, SURPISE! I had trouble getting to sleep, thus had difficulty waking up, and getting a start on the day.

THEREFORE, no more snacking after 10 PM. Period.

AND... here's the big one... WATER. LOTS of water. PLENTY of water. Verging on OVERHYDRATION of water. Basically, drink 16-20 ounces of water BEFORE every meal, and BEFORE I start snacking on anything. This way, I'm well on the way to getting a full stomach to begin with, and any food I eat will be digested that much faster.

A lot of the above is based on willpower, but the water thing is more of a discipline issue. I have trouble with willpower, but discipline is easier for me. The last semi-successful diet (because I did lose a lot of weight, and kept it off for a while before eventually gaining it back) I was on was pretty simple: The only snack I allowed myself was microwavable popcorn. That was it. Nothing else really special, I just cut out any other kinds of snacks/desserts.

I think if I can drink a big glass of water before every meal or snack, and make that a healthy habit, I will be well on the way to getting a lot of this midsection off. If I can learn to stop eating a couple hours before bedtime, that will be a second large step. Finally, I personally thinking cutting out soda will be a HUGE development in losing weight.

Here's to tomorrow.


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