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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Seven Soldiers: Guardian #2 (of 4)

Here's something you don't expect to see every day: A four-issue mini series where the story ends after the second issue.Grant Morrison's 'Seven Soldiers' is an experiment in every sense of the word. Seven minis featuring seven different characters who don't interact with each other, fighting a common enemy they don't all realize they're fighting, bookended by two specials that don't feature any of the seven.Without getting into specifics, The Guardian is the employee of a New York tabloid hired to be the mascot and icon of journalistic liberty. Nearly as soon as Jake puts on the helmet and shield, his wife is kidnapped by subway pirates who are racing each other to find a treasure hidden somewhere in a secret maze of tracks originally laid down by the Masons.It almost doesn't matter what the story is about, because this is all about Morrison's ability to come up with the weirdest crap and 'throwaway' ideas that other writers would stretch out for months investigating backstory. Morrison understands the true nature of super-hero comics better than just about anyone else working today, and he's able to capture that awe and wonder better than anyone else period.


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