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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Marital Fight Simulator

The next time I think I have an opinion. I'm going to remember this:


Saw that at Talk@Newsarama earlier today, right before Carrie and I got into another stupid argument that came down to 'we can't afford it right now.' And, of course, like many times, she does have the better point.

I need a new adaptor for my XM radio to function in her car. I was thinking if we cancelled our current subscription, we could BOGO two new receivers with car kits. That way we could keep the hook-ups in each vehicle and switch them out, and have the other one for inside the house. It turned into some big miscommunication (which tend to happen more when she's cramping--she gets cranky, which makes me cranky, which makes it very difficult for us to communicate effectively).

Again, she was right, and I was able to find the part I needed for $30, so it really became a non-issue. But when we do get into these discussions, I always seem to be the one backing down. I'm not saying she should back down more. If she's right she's right. But sometimes it just seems like she needs a lot more convincing to accept the possibility that she's wrong than I do.


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