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Monday, May 16, 2005

Shin Splints

So this morning at 5:30 we get up, get dressed, and run 2.6 miles, from our house to the four-corner stop and back. Takes about a half-hour. Carrie was able to do it all with a shuffling jog. I had to slow to a walk several times because my shins were frigging killing me. Something about the motion of jogging really hurts my shins. Feels like there are muscles that are being shredded in there. The pain is relieved a bit when I open up my stride a bit more, but I can't keep that longer jog up for very long before I run out of juice and my form is thrown off even more when I go back to a shuffling jog.

Carrie is going to want to keep this routine up for as long as there's daylight at 6AM. I can't find a schedule online, but I expect to have daylight at that hour until at least early September. IF we can keep it up that long, in addition to other workouts (I plan on hitting the bike this afternoon when I get home, for example), we should both be in pretty good condition by this fall.

Carrie's the one with discipline. Once she has something in her head, she doesn't quit. She is either too afraid to, or she just doesn't know how. Once something gets locked up there, it stays there. So, I'm basically locked into running 2.5-3.1 miles everyday from now on.

I'm thinking Carrie should run one of these triathlons with me. I doubt she'd be up for the one next month at Alum Creek, but the one in August at Delaware State Park, that's mostly flat terrain. She should be able to do that.


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