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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Just got back from dinner and a movie with Carrie and her friends over at Easton. We went to the Cheesecake factory, which is always good food, but so pompous with their policies. They're one of the most popular places in town, but they don't take reservations or 'call ahead' seating. Why? They know that they're a destination for locals, and yet they force people to wait for hours. Lesley organized the evening, and we were planning to eat at 5:30, but because of their policy, Scott and Sarah had to get there at 4:30 to ensure that we were seated by 5:30. There was already an hour wait at 4:30. We left the restaurant at a little after 7pm, and I heard someone waiting outside talking on the phone that there was a three-hour wait at that point! Maybe it's just good business, because it always ensures that there's a crowd of people waiting to get in. I hear that the Cheesecake Factory's based out of Beverly Hills, CA. Maybe that's why they do it.

And it's so loud in there. One of the loudest restaurants I've ever been to. The portions are huge and the waitstaff is mostly efficient. But the trade off is that you can never have a romantic dinner there, because you have to shout everything to the person next to you. I must be getting old, because the volume just ruins the ambiance for me, to the point that I would never choose to go there on the weekend when I know it's going to be bad.


I've been typing this entry while waiting for the dog to come in. I've got a race tomorrow and I have to get up at 5:30 if I want to make it. So, I'm signing off now.

Gotta get my rest, dontcha know.


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