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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Okay, so tonight I organized a meeting for all the laypeople on the Core LEadership Team. Outside of the guys I personally know, there wasn't much of a turnout at all. But one person who did show up was Dan Custer, the son of the Head Pastor, Jim. He said that one of the reasons he showed up was because of the way I worded the e-mail invitation it gave the impression that we couldn't talk in front of the pastors, like we were going to be tearing into them. Of course, that wasn't my intention, but now I'm fretting about it, because of the low turnout. If he showed up to confront it, how many others DIDN'T show up because they didn't want to deal with it?

So now, in my intent to be a leader, may I have cost our respect from the others by appearing that I am on a witch hunt. And how is this going to affect how people perceive our presentation, especially if we have to talk about the negative aspects of the staff? Or will I have to couch my comments so softly as to be completely ineffective?

And the worst part is that Carrie agreed with him, that my e-mail was worded poorly. Not that she was any better. She went out of her way weeks ago that our presentation shouldn't be like, "Randy's a jerk, and here's why," and yet tonight, when talking about response times from the staff, she mentioned Dr. Glen by name, so now how do we deal with the fact that most of the other pastors we've spoken with think he sows disunity in the church without looking we have an axe to grind.

It's frustrating, is all.


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