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Monday, March 14, 2005


This morning I skipped my morning workout, and then accidently brought my gym bag into work instead of my backpack. Freud much?


Ohio University, my alma mater, even though I didn't graduate, one the MAC Tournament and got a bid for the NCAA Tourny.


Got drafted into working JFY (Just for You) Easter concert, although Dave O'Roark didn't actually notify me or anything. He told my wife that I'm going to be running lights for the program. That means I have to be there starting tomorrow night, through Sunday. Fun fun fun.


I'm feeling the itch to write. Don't have the time to dedicate, but definitely the itch. Gotta see what I can do about that.


Even though I skipped out on the morning workout, I feel a lot better emontionally/motivationally than I did last week. The sun is shining, and I 'discovered' a new station on XM that really elevates my mood--The Blend. It's the 'easy hits of the 80s, 90s and today' channel. Just a lot of light, upbeat hits that I really need when I'm down.

It didn't hurt that yesterday was the first Sunday in a while that I actually got to relax for an extended period. I know I harp on this a lot, but, for me, it's important to really not plan anything for Sundays, even if it's visiting family or going to a movie or something. I enjoy not doing anything, and I got to do that yesterday. I read, I listened to some music, and basically just got to chill out. Very enjoyable Sunday, and that is helping me to get stuff done today.


Speaking of which, I gotta get back to work.


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