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Monday, February 21, 2005

Poker Night

Drew and I had a Poker night Saturday. Drew usually hosts it at his house, but since his wife is preggers, and not doing so well, I hosted it at our house.

Generally, the women evacuate the homestead, but Carrie made herself scarce by working in the library while the rest of us kibbutzed around the kitchen table.

I have to say, it was the most successful evening we've had so far. I think we had a total of eight guys there over the course of the evening, and we played from 6 until after midnight. Let's see, in addition to me and Drew, we had Dave O'Roark, Dave Wilson, Tod Heath, Keith Wong, and D'Amico.

I feel bad for O'Roark. He had to leave early for a late night date with his wife (and a couple of friends, so I sometimes get the feeling that when he does stuff like this with us, this is just his way of pressing the flesh, but that's another entry for another time), but he told us that Easter is definitely still on, even though nobody really wants it to be. He said he had a meeting with Augie and Randy where they decided on the Boot Camp style of production, where we learn the entire show on one weekend, drill it through that week, and produce it the following weekend. Then, on Sunday, he made a final plea to the church for volunteers.

Do I think it will work? Yes, unfortunately. Our church has a long history of stepping up when needed. In this particular case, I don't think anybody really wants them to step up, but I think they will. We have only 500 tickets sold for the event, spread over four performances. That's not good. Personally, I hope that Dave doesn't get the people he needs, so we can close the book on Easter once and for all.

Getting back to poker, even though we didn't play for money, Drew and I made out pretty well. We played two rounds--meaning that we started everyone with $5.00 in chips twice over the course of the night--and by the end of both of them, I had made at least a little profit. Of course, most of the folks we were playing with had to have a cheat sheet in front of them to figure out what they were doing, but it was still fun.

I think the next time we get together, assuming everyone can get there at the same time, we should play tounament style, with a prize at the end. Like, everyone ponies up $5.00 for the prize, and the winner at the end of the night gets a gift certificate for dinner somewhere. I don't know, I'll have to check with the other guys to see if that qualifies as gambling.

One last note: I thought it was ironic that of all the guys that were there, only Tod was from our couples' study. I figured that at least Brad would be there. I'll have to see if I can bring that up next time during our study.


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