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Monday, February 14, 2005


This is the definition of anal-retentive condescension:

One of my bosses brings a magazine and two post-it notes to my desk. She uses one of the post-its to mark an article inside the magazine, and puts the other on the cover. On the second one she writes, "Please copy the article on page 25 and return to me."

Keep in mind this is all happening at my desk.

Then, after she has marked the page and written the note that references the page number, shows me the magazine, opens it up to the page she wants copied, and asks if I can make a copy for her, referencing the page number again and the note on the cover.

All right! I get it! You don't think I'm smart, and you don't trust me to follow basic instructions without repetition. She must think I'm developmentally challenged.

... Or a fucking retard.


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