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Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunflower Farm: Your Reception Connection

Carrie had either an obscenely brilliant or obscenely foolhardy idea today while attending a historic barn conference:

Turn our property into a chapel/reception hall. Take out a huge loan (or get investors) to buy up the acreage behind our house and rennovate the barn, then rent the thing out for weddings/receptions. It would keep Carrie at home, tending to her flowers, which is what she always wanted, and would hopefully provide enough income for the two of us. We'd either hire on or partner up with our friends who have specialities in planning, photography, archetecture/design, and catering. It could either be massive, or explode in our faces. We've decided to pray about this for the rest of the year. That's how big this is. We won't be talking to anyone about this anytime soon, either. It's a secret, so don't say anything. Sshh.


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