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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Young Christian

I mentioned on my Prayer Blog that we got some good news about Christian from my mom yesterday. He's doing much better in school since going to a counselor regularly (I don't know if it's a school counselor or a specialist in a private practice). He had been acting up severely, getting violent and bullying the other students. Around December he was in danger of being expelled. Carrie and I were preparing ourselves for the possibility of having Christian taken out of his home and having to make a play for custody.

But that didn't happen, and I'm finding myself a little disappointed by that. I guess I even more for him than I realized, because now I have to let go (at least for the time being) of the idea of taking him under my wing.

The good news is, along with his behavior, is that his grades are sky high. Carrie said that Mom said that 'they' (I don't know who 'they refers to, either the school administration or the counselors or just Erin's warped mind) were talking about having Christian advance directly to the third grade next year, or at least putting him in a third-grade reading group.

Mom said she was very thankful to see that Christian was taking after his uncle more than either of his parents or other relatives. That felt nice.

But I still worry about him. He has so little structure in his life, and so little discipline. I could see him easily losing control of himself and taking the worst parts from both parents.

But it's still nice to see he's doing okay now.


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