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Thursday, May 19, 2005

"...And on the Fourth Day, He Cheated."

This morning both Carrie and I woke up a little late. She wanted to go into the gym because the road running was bothering her back. I told her to go ahead, but that I'd better stay on the road.

I got to running, and she passed me in the truck. When the truck was out of sight, I turned around and walked home. I still ran about a mile, give or take 1/10.

I think what I'll recommend for the rest of the month is this:

Monday: Curve
Tuesday: 4-Way
Wednesday: 3.1 miles on treadmill in gym
Thursday: 4-Way
Friday: Curve
Saturday: 20 miles on bike
Sunday: Rest

Then, at the beginning of June, I can ramp it up a little more, so that on Mondays & Fridays I'm running to the 4-way stop, Tuesdays and Thursday I'm running from home to the 4-way and then to Curve, etc.


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