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Thursday, May 19, 2005

3-Day Downtown Deer

I work downtown. I have to drive on highways that go directly through downtown every day.

There has been a deer carcass lying by the side of an elevated highway for three days now.

Three days.

I don't know which is more surprising: that a deer would be able to make its way all the way downtown before getting hit, or that it's been this long and the city hasn't cleaned up the carcass yet. I know that Columbus--while it isn't a large city--covers a lot of acreage and is seen as a sprawling city. It's easier to find green in Columbus than it is in a lot of other places. I've even seen deer living in small city parks, and thinking at the time how difficult it would have had to be for the deer to arrive in the parks when they're surrounded by middle-class neighborhoods on all sides, unless the neighborhoods grew up around the parks.

That's the kind of place Columbus is. A lot slower pace than other 'big' cities. More green. Maybe not as clean as some, but easier to get to places that are clean, so you don't necessarily feel trapped.

I just want to know how that friggin' deer got there.


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