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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sky High

Will Stronghold, teenage son of the two most popular and powerful super-heroes on Earth, is welcomed to a floating high school for the sons and daughters of heroes on Earth. During orientation at Sky High, every incoming freshman is asked to demonstrate his or her power (everybody only gets one--this is important), and is immediately classified into one of two tracks--hero or sidekick. That's how class divisions are created: instead of jocks and nerds, we have heroes and sidekicks, who have lame powers like the ability to melt or turn into guinea pigs.With a concept like this, Sky High could have been a biting satire on high school. But, it is made under the Disney banner, so it is nothing more than well-intentioned fluff. But, as far as Disney movies go, this average but still very entertaining. I can see this becoming something of a cult hit for the pre-teen crowd on DVD this Christmas.


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